Helping promotional product distributors compete in a competitive market

About Us

ImpactMDS is a buying group for the promotional products industry that allows distributors to buy at End Quantity Pricing (EQP) without the high membership costs, extended commitments, or volume requirements associated with most other industry groups.  You’ll instantly get EQP from dozens of the industry’s highest-rated suppliers.  No questions asked.  Finally, you can place your order with confidence of getting the supplier’s best available price.  No one has better prices than you.  It’s that simple.

We focus on getting you the most competitve pricing…

so that you can focus on growing your business!

Low Membership Cost

While many other groups charge high membership fees for services that you may never use, our business model is to remain the lowest cost buying group that provides what you need the most… access to EQP prices for a very reasonable cost, so that you’re competitive and on a level playing field.

Increase your margins

On every order you’ll likely save at least $100 by using EQP vs standard column pricing.  Sure, you may already get EQP with some suppliers.  But with ImpactMDS, you’ll buy at EQP from all of the suppliers in our network, on every order… every time.

Industry's Best Suppliers

We have a supplier network that offers thousands of the most commonly sought-after products for your clients. The industry’s very best suppliers belong to our network… all providing you with their best level of pricing.


“I’ve used many of these suppliers in the past but was not routinely getting EQP.  Now I ALWAYS get EQP and usually save about $100 per order.  Wish I had done this much sooner!”

Jason R.  Blackfin Promos


“I usually get EQP after being in the industry over 20 years.  But on occassion I need to source new suppliers I’ve never used before.  ImpactMDS gets me EQP,  even from suppliers who don’t know me!”

Vince M.  Going Somewhere Sportswear


“Now I make more margin and I’m more competitive.  This is a no-brainer.  Even if I only use the service few times it pays for the whole year.”

Sheree K.  Whatever Promo Agency


You Have Complete Control

Month to month program with no commitment or sales volume requirements for membership.

Suppliers Provide Dedicated Reps

Our supplier partners provide dedicated reps to assist with your order, if needed.


New Suppliers are Frequently Added

Based on your recommendations, we freqently add new suppliers to our network.

EQP Search Engine

Use our search tool to quickly find the items you need at EQP from our network suppliers.

Reduced price for Veterans

Veterans of the US Military pay a reduced price for membership.

Affiliate Program

You can make some nice recurring cash each month by participating in our Affiliate Program. 

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Helping promotional product distributors compete in a competitive market.

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