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End Quantity Pricing (EQP) for Promotional Products

Buy promotional products at EQP with ImpactMDS membership.  We’ve negotiated with dozens of the industry’s highest rated and most well-known suppliers to provide EQP to our members REGARDLESS of the quantity you need, no questions asked.  No necessity to plead or ask for special considerations (not that it would work anyway!).  With ImpactMDS you’ll be buying at EQP with every order.  Pretty cool!

What is EQP?

End Quantity Pricing is the lowest-priced column of prices offered for a particular product.  Suppliers in the promotional products industry usually offer several levels of pricing based on the quantity of the item being purchased.  For example if you require a quantity of 100 or less, your price would be “x”.   If you will be purchasing 250, your price might be “x” less 20%.   For 1000, “x” less 40%, etc.   Obviously it would be nice to purchase at the end quantity price every time.  The problem is that in most instances, you don’t need that much product for your client.

Begin offering a wider selection of items for your clients

Membership with ImpactMDS means you can forget about those pricing columns.   You can also forget about consolidating your orders with only a handful of suppliers for the benefit of ramping up your sales volume.  You’ll be able to offer your clients thousands of more products from dozens of 5-Star suppliers in the ImpactMDS network…each of them offering you their best level of pricing.

Your profits increase

Whether you are new to the promo industry or a seasoned veteran of 20+ years, you’ll likely save no less than $100 or more on each order.  The more orders you place, the more you’ll save.  Bottom line… why leave money on the table?

Finally you can compete

You’ll win more projects and get more customers because with ImpactMDS you’re in the game!  Never again lose out because of price.  That’s because you’re on a level (or better) playing field with the local competition and also the industry’s largest national accounts.

Low monthly cost!

Your membership cost is only $34.95 per month.  That’s it!  There is no contract, no obligations, and no admission requirements.  You can leave whenever you want but if you’re like the hundreds of other current ImpactMDS members, you wont want to!  You’ll pay just a low month-to-month fee that you’ll make back many times over every month.