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ImpactMDS gives you the ability to compete on a level playing field with local, regional, or large national accounts.  Never again lose an opportunity because you’ve been beat on price.



A new buying group for the Promotional Products Industry

From our beginning in 2014, our primary goal has been to help promotional product distributors gain access to great pricing so that you’re always in the game on every project.  We give you the tools and the aggressive pricing to quickly increase your revenue and profits.


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Members receive End Quantity Pricing from dozens of the industry’s highest rated suppliers, helpful service discounts, great offers, coupons, and more.


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Our program is month-to-month.  Leave whenever you want (but you wont want to!).  Buying at EQP will usually save you at least $100 on every order!


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Pay only $34.95/month (plus a one-time $75 registration fee).  That’s it!  Membership pays for itself many times over.


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At the end of your trial we’ll send you an email to see how you want to proceed.  If you liked your experience, you can continue your membership for $34.95/mo.  If you prefer to decline, absolutely no worries.  Questions?  Give us a call at 703-842-3070 or send an email to [email protected]


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Please note: This offer is valid for new members to ImpactMDS only. Your credit card will be billed $1.00 for your 30 day trial.  Toward the end of the trial we’ll send you an email to see how you want to proceed. If you continue on, your charge moving forward is $34.95/mo and you can always cancel at any time.  If you prefer to decline at the conclusion of your trial, absolutely no worries.  There will be no additional charges.