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Website: http://www.snugzusa.com



ImpactMDS members receive:

EQP Pricing on 2nd column quantities and higher on domestic items.



Placing orders with Snugz:

IMPORTANT: Current month authorization code must be clearly visible on your PO.

Email orders to: purchase@snugzusa.com

Main Customer Service Number: 888-447-6840 or fax to 888-467-6840

General questions and requests can be directed to:

Individual sales teams by state serviced listed below:

North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky

Carrie Conde – Sales Executive carrie@snugzusa.com; 888-447-6840 Ext. 9554

Jacob Fitch Sales Support; jfitch@snugzusa.com; 888-447-6840 Ext. 9573


Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska

Lindsey WilliamsSales Executive lindsey@snugzusa.com 888-447-6840 Ext. 9553

Kelsie CutakSales Support  kelsie@snugzusa.com 888-447-6840 Ext.9574


Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Ohio

Eboni PageSales Support eboni@snugzusa.com 888-447-6840 Ext.9558

Shelly SlippeySales Support Shelly@snugzusa.com 888-447-6840 Ext.9577


Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida

Shannon Woods Sale Executive Shannon@snugzusa.com 888-447-6840 Ext. 9556

Makensie Zern– Sales Support mzern@snugzusa.com 888-447-6840 Ext. 9566


Products ship from:
Salt Lake City , Utah 84081


About Snugz

Since 1989, SnugZ USA has been helping promotional products industry suppliers and distributors grow their business in countless ways. Some say we are the best-kept secret, a silent giant. We are committed to leading the industry through World-Class Service, Exceptional Products, and one standard of success: Your satisfaction.

SnugZ continues to grow year after year and the trust from our customers follows, our reliability is second to none and because of this we have been able to extend our line of products even further in 2019. These new products are backed with the same SnugZ name and same SnugZ service so you are sure to be taken care of.

We will continue on the same path that got us to this point, no matter how large we grow for it’s not how good we are that matters, it’s how good we want to be.


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