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We are pleased to offer EQP to ImpactMDS members with these exceptions:

  • Flat, Die-cut and Car magnets
  • Custom Color Eliana SmashLights ® (off-shore)
  • Custom Shape Eliana SmashLights ® (off-shore)
  • Color-A-Shape ShapeLights ® (off-shore)
  • Design-A-Shape ShapeLights ® (off-shore)
  • Molded KeyLights (custom color)
  • USA-Made Buttons
  • USA-Made Stickers
  • Lighted Badge™

ImpactMDS members also receive these benefits:

Free Virtuals, no credit card fees, no virtual proof charges, no charge on repeat orders within 3 years (with a few exceptions such as calendars and off shore items).


Placing orders with Bentcil:

IMPORTANT: Current month authorization code must be clearly visible on your PO.

Email orders to: [email protected]

Send artwork to: [email protected] and [email protected]

Customer Service: 317-271-4536 ext 0

Customer Service Hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm (Eastern)

Fax number: 317-353-3468

For artwork, shipping, billing, or general questions contact:


Company Headquarters: 1755 Midwest Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46214

Products ship from Indianapolis, IN 46214


About Bentcil:

The Bentcil Company offers unique options and has hundreds of inventoried items all ranging from $1 net to $7 net.  Small quantities are our specialty.  New imprint options with the advancement of technology is how Bentcil can turn purchase orders fast.  Take advantage of the 3 American made items which are NAFTA friendly (bent pens/pencils, sugarless chewing gum and custom calendars).  Random samples are no cost to you and USPS shipping or with your shipper number.  Digital catalog available as well as Zoom Catalog and Sage platforms for quoting information. Bent on Serving You!


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