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Ball Pro* Diversified




With the acquisition in 2017 of Diversified, Ball Pro has expanded it’s product offering to include quality kitchenware and additional golf products.  Inquiries regarding Diversified products can be handled by the Ball Pro Customer Service department and the same discount policy is applicable for both companies.

Ball Pro website: www.ballpro.com;  ASI 38120

Diversified website:  http://www.diversified-adtee.com;  ASI 50052


ImpactMDS members receive:

EQP Pricing


  • Golf balls, EQP is provided on 24+ dozen for in-house pricing
  • Platinum Level Pricing for factory direct golf balls

Ball Pro / Diversified also provides these additional benefits for ImpactMDS members:

  • 10% off set ups 20% off rush charges
  • 10% off self-promo
  • 5% off personal use
  • For samples $10 net or less there is no charge, just include a shipper number
  • Free sample box offer with a booked lunch and learn.
  • No 3rd party handling
  • No set up charge on re-order with same art on pad print , Digital print , Dye Sub


Placing orders with Ball Pro

IMPORTANT: Current month authorization code must be clearly visible on your PO.

Email orders to: [email protected]  or fax to 952-938-8949

Send artwork to: [email protected]

Main Customer Service Number: 800-225-5818;  M-F 8:00 – 5:00 (Central)

For artwork, shipping, billing, or general questions contact:

Most products ship from: Eden Prairie, MN 55347


About Ball Pro

Nestled in the outskirts of the beautiful Minneapolis suburbs, Ball Pro has been a leading supplier in the promotional products industry for nearly 25 years.  We take great pride in giving you the absolute best service and product and, if you already know us, you probably know this to be true. Our reputation and our honor actually mean something over here.

Our employees proudly have an average service time of over 7 years.  We simply can’t get them to leave!  It’s like a company of crazy aunts and uncles who come to stay the weekend and then build themselves an apartment above the garage complete with running water, electricity, and two bedrooms.  But I digress.  So, what does that longevity of employment mean to you? Expertise. We have several people that have been with us for half of their lives.  And no, we don’t hire child labor – these are adults who just love working here!

We truly are The Total Sports Experience.  If we can’t decorate it for you, it’s probably not a real sport anyway.  Like kitten juggling.  Okay, you’re right, somebody out there is probably juggling kittens for sport, but we have to draw the line somewhere and, for us, that line is live mammals.  We simply won’t decorate your pets.  Just about anything else is a go, though – we are full of solutions over here.

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it about time to get the ball rolling?  Ha!  See what I did there?! Have a tournament you’d like a little help planning?  We have more ideas than there are exclamation points in this ‘About Us’! Just need some general product info?  We’re here for you. Browse our site with its impressive expanse of information and give us a call or drop us an email today. We’ll take great care of you, guaranteed.


Updated: 3/25/19