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They all give EQP and more!

It pays for itself, MANY times over!

How can I get EQP?

Join ImpactMDS and you’ll immediately get EQP from dozens of the industry’s highest-rated suppliers.  No questions asked.  Finally you can place your order with confidence of getting the supplier’s best available price… EQP (or better).    It’s that simple.

Never again lose out on price!

You’ll win more projects and get more customers because with ImpactMDS you’re in the game!  No one has better prices than you.

Increase your profits

Make at least $100 additional on every order.  You’ll be on equal footing with local competition and the other major players of the industry.


The Industry's Best Suppliers

The ImpactMDS supplier network consists of the industry’s best… dozens of 5-Star suppliers with great products and customer service, all anxious to give you EQP (or better) pricing with no questions asked!

Low-Cost Monthly Membership

There is no contract and no obligations.  You’ll buy at End Quantity Pricing (EQP) without the high membership costs, extended commitments, or volume requirements as with most other groups.

EQP Search Engine

Search for the items you need from our network suppliers who give you EQP on all of your orders. 


No Commissions

Unlike some groups that take a slice of your profits, we’re set up so that you keep it all.

Supplier Webinars

Attend brief on-line sessions from suppliers about their biggest movers and hottest items… the products most likely to impress your clients.  These sessions last approximately 20 minutes.

Referral Program

Receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card for every referral you recommend to us who registers. It doesn’t matter how many referrals you send us.  There’s no limit.  

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