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Below we listed a few common questions we get asked.  But you can always feel free to contact us by phone or email for help.  It is our pleasure to assist.

Phone: 703.842.3070
Email: [email protected]

Where can I see a complete list of the current suppliers who participate in ImpactMDS?

After you log in, refer to the left side menu.  Click the “Supplier Profiles” button.  For a printable list you can click the “Print-Friendly Supplier List” button, also on the left side menu.


How do I find out about incentives/benefits offered by particular suppliers?

After logging in, click the “Supplier Profiles” button on the left side menu.  Scroll to the particular supplier and click the icon to learn specific details about discounts, ordering, and general information. 

How do I place orders?

Send your order directly to the supplier by using the email address or fax number provided in the Supplier’s Profile.  Make sure you include the CURRENT month’s authorization code and that it is plainly visible on the PO.  Suppliers will use the code to verify your current member status.

What if I’d like to ask questions to the supplier about my ImpactMDS order?

Refer to the Supplier Profile for the particular supplier.  Almost all of the network suppliers have a specific name and contact info if you have questions.  While any of the CS reps can usually assist, the designated contact is always preferred rep and can assist with pricing, shipping, artwork, etc.

What criteria can I use to do a search with the ImpactMDS search window?

You can do a search by item number, key word, or item number.  When doing a search it is best to narrow your criteria so that you don’t receive too many results. For example instead of “Mug”, you can try a search for “Ceramic Mug” and narrow the options.  You can also filter your search with the options on the left side of the search page (price range, color, made in USA, etc).


Can I use the supplier website to search instead of the ImpactMDS search window?

Certainly!  You can access the supplier websites by clicking the “Supplier Profiles” button on the left side menu.  A link to the supplier website is at the top of each profile.