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Buy Promotional Products at EQP!


ImpactMDS is a buying group for the promotional products industry that allows distributors to buy at End Quantity Pricing (EQP) without the high costs or extended commitments associated with most other industry groups.  Members can purchase from suppliers at EQP and also get industry-related services discounted well below market rates.

How can I get EQP for Promotional Products?   

Join ImpactMDS and you’ll immediately get EQP from dozens of the industry’s highest-rated suppliers.  No questions asked.  Finally you can place your order with confidence of getting the supplier’s best available price… EQP (or better).    It’s that simple.

Never again lose out because of price!

You’ll win more projects and get more customers because with ImpactMDS you’re in the game!   No one has better prices than you.

Increase your profits   

Make at least $100 or more on every order.  Not bad!  Buy at EQP or BETTER from the industry’s best suppliers.  You’ll be on equal (or better) footing with local competition and the other major players of the industry including the largest distributor super-groups… all while INCREASING YOUR MARGINS.

5-Star Suppliers

The ImpactMDS supplier network consists of the industry’s best… dozens of 5-Star suppliers all anxious to give you EQP (or better) pricing.

Search Engine

The user-friendly search engine allows you to search our supplier network, instantly displaying exactly what you need at the lowest price.  You can search by item type, item name, key words, or catalog numbers   You can also use various filters to fine-tune your search with price range, category, color, made in the USA, etc.

No commissions

Unlike some groups that take a slice of your profits, we believe that you should keep all of your commissions.  You worked for it.  It should be yours!

Industry discounts

Receive industry-related discounts for these services and more:


  • Vector Artwork – Only $7.95 for your artwork, regardless of complexity.
  • Digitizing for Embroidery – Files cost only $15.00 for up to 20,000 stitches.
  • Constant Contact – Receive up to 25% off published rates for emailing services.
  • Antera Software –  Substantial savings, starting at 15% off setup costs for CRM, order management, e-commerce, and other Promo-Industry software.
  • Freight Costs – Savings of more than 40% on comparable services.

Dedicated Customer Service Reps

Our supplier partners provide dedicated customer service reps to answer your questions and assist with your orders, if necessary.

Supplier webinars           

Attend brief on-line sessions from suppliers about their biggest movers and hottest items… the products most likely to “wow” your clients.

Low cost month-to-month membership

There is no contract to sign and no conditions to meet.  Just a low cost monthly program.

Veterans pay a reduced price

If you are a veteran of the the US Military, you’ll pay a reduced price for membership.  Scan your Military Form DD 214 or DD Form 256 and send to us.  We’re proud to offer you a discount and appreciate your service to our country!

Refer a new member, get 50 bucks!

Receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card for every referral you recommend to us who registers.  It doesn’t matter how many referrals you send us.  There’s no limit!

Affiliate Program

As an ImpactMDS affiliate, we’ll pay you on-going and recurring cash every month!  New members you bring into our group would be structured into your own private subnetwork and we’ll send you recurring cash each month for the duration of their membership.  There’s no limit and you can easily make hundreds per month.  Call us for details or email us at [email protected].