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Impactful posts you may have missed from some of the industry’s leading bloggers


Sometimes our desire to do “what’s right” gets in the way of common sense.  We all work hard and for the most part exercise commonly accepted practices with mantras such as “the customer is always right”.  But in this post from Bill Petrie, he dares to ask “what should we do when they’re FLAT OUT WRONG?”



Are you selling yourself short?  Did you ever consider that some of your clients may be thinking of you as their “Travel-Mug Guy” or the person they go to for pens.  As business professionals one of our goals is making certain that our clients know all what’s in our briefcase.  If not, we may be losing opportunities to the other “go-to” guys.



It’s easy to look at other successful companies and admire the good things they do to get customers.  It’s a bit harder to implement those points for your own company.  But is really that hard?  Not necessarily so.  It’s worth it to look at the little things that can make a difference.