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Consider becoming an ImpactMDS affiliate

We’re so glad that you’re able to make higher profits as a member of our group.  Perhaps you may want to consider making a little bit more!  Our new Affiliate Program will pay you on-going and recurring cash EVERY MONTH for each of your referrals who join our buying group.  Granted, you probably don’t want to refer your local competition to us!   But you might know (or may meet) other promo distributors outside of your area that can possibly benefit.  If you refer them to us and they join, the new members would be structured into your own private network and we’ll send you monthly cash for the duration of their membership.  New members can join your network in either of these 3 ways listed below:

Private Link

We’ll set you up with a private registration link that you can send to your referrals.  The link is unique for your own network and members who register through this link will be automatically associated with your affiliate account.  We’ll also waive their $75 registration fee which provides incentive for them to register thru you, rather then going directly to our website and joining on their own.

Your referrals can call us

Instead of using your private link to join, your referrals can simply contact us directly.  Just ask them to mention that they were referred by you.  We’ll add them into your network and still waive their registration fee.  We’ll also send you a notice that they’ve joined.

Main Office: 703-842-3070

email: [email protected]

We'll reach out to them on your behalf

If you prefer, provide us their contact info and we’ll reach out to them.  We’ll add them into your network when they join and of course, we’ll waive their registration fee.

How much can you earn?

New members who join ImpactMDS in either of the 3 ways listed above are structured into your private affiliate network.  They’ll pay the monthly subscription rate (currently $34.95) and we send you $10/month for the duration of their membership.  So, if you have 10 members in your network you would receive $100 cash each month.  If you have 20, we’ll send you $200, etc.  You can have as many members as you like, there’s no limit.  Payments are automatically transferred to your bank account via PayPal or Zelle at the end of each month.  The payments to you keep coming, as long as your referral remains a member of ImpactMDS.

Private Dashboard

Log into your private dashboard to monitor various metrics such as your network member names, their contact information, membership history, and your cumulative earnings to date.

Become an affiliate… become an important member of our team!

As an affiliate, you become an important member of our team and we very much value your input.  We’ll occasionally ask for your advice about new supplier additions, new services to offer our distributors, and general enhancements to our buying group.  Periodically we’ll also ask you to participate in group conference calls and attend strategy sessions with us at the national shows.  While your participation is completely optional, we encourage our affiliates to be involved so that we’re always addressing the needs of our members and the industry.

Where you can find possible referrals for your network

Reconnect with acquaintances you’ve previously met at past meetings.  You can also mention our buying group to others you meet at upcoming:

  • National Conferences & Expos
  • Regional Conventions
  • Road shows (outside of your local area where you wont find your competitors)


Why should distributors join ImpactMDS?

  • Lowest cost buying group in the industry.
  • Membership pays for itself many times over.
  • Over 100 suppliers, each of them providing EQP (or better) net pricing.
  • Membership begins with a no-obligation 30-day trial for only $1.00.
  • We waive the $75 registration fee (when they join thru you).
  • Month-to-month membership, in other words… no contract.
  • Convenient EQP search engine to quickly find the desired product.
  • No required sales volume to join and no thresholds to maintain.
  • Discounts for industry-related services such as decorating, marketing, freight costs, etc.


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Questions about all this?

We’d love to hear from you.  Please reach out by emailing us at  [email protected] or calling directly to speak with someone right away, 703-842-3070.